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Whether you are in the market to sell a good or service, there are many avenues to reach people directly or indirectly, through the use of advertising, and public relations.
Many people think advertising is having your own television commercial, something you pay big bucks to do.  However, that is only one type of advertising, and you can find affordable advertising if you let our team work for you. 

Examples of today's advertising medium:
  • Newspaper/Magazines/Trade Publication ads
  • Restaurant menus, table tents, and signage
  • Television commercials
  • Radio commercials and jingles
  • Billboards, stationary or moving
  • Website ads
  • Bus Stop Shelters and Benches
  • Race Car graphics
  • Gas Station Nozzles, Golf Carts, Dry Cleaning bags
  • Even your forehead 

Advertising is a paid for, public promotion of your goods or services.

Last year, this guy sold space on his forehead to the highest bidder on eBay.  There are conflicting reports on how much the winning bid actually was, but on his website, Andrew Fischer states he earned over $50,000.  For 30 days he would walk around, and be a moving billboard, for a companies product.  Not a bad method of creative advertising.

Another creative form of advertising was done overseas by an individual who divided his website up into tiny little ads, his ingenuity brought him a cool $1,000,000, and numerous job offers.

We work with companies like yours to put your message out whether you want to use traditional, or non-traditional avenues to reach people.

Public Relations
To ensure your company's position remains favorable, efforts are done to speak about your company events, new product releases, updates, accolades, and any other information that is intended to shine a favorable spotlight on your company.

Store openings, press releases, news conferences and networking opportunities with professional entities in the community in which you operate are great examples of public relations.

Some basic (101) things to consider:
Where are some traditional areas where you would like to advertise?
How many people do you want to reach? within what time frame?
Do you know what is the public perception of your company?
How do you go about protecting your company, and its employees?
What would it cost you, if your company could not overcome bad press?

Bottom Line
Great advertising brings public attention to you, and even better public relations keeps the attention favorable!

Let marComm101's team generate and deliver positive messages about you, and your company to various audiences.