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Data mining.  Welcome to the gold rush of the 21st century.
If knowledge is power, and dollars are short, why not spend your money wisely and get Herculean results for response rates on mail out pieces?

We can take your client/product listing, and cleanse, augment, and process your data resulting in more usable information.  How many times have you sent out a catalog, or flier, only to question if the person ever received it?  Where do you get your current lists?  How accurate is the information?  Are you throwing money away on people who will never receive your attempted reach?

Why continue to throw money away?  Let marComm101 help you identify, target and reach your customers.

Some basic (101) things to consider:
Where did you get your customer contact information?
How up to date is it?
Is your information as complete as you would like it to be?
Do you want to reach others in the same category/interest group?
What results do you hope to achieve?  What is your timeline?

Bottom Line
How you brand your company is one thing, who it reaches is another.  Spend money to obtain, and maintain accurate mail lists, which yield you greater exposure for less dollars than traditional methods.

marComm101 can help you develop information on your clients, and customer base which will narrow, or broaden your scope and deliver on target!