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What is identity?

Identity is what separates you from someone else.  It is a set of characteristics that defines your individuality with the main goal of being definitively recognizable, or known in the marketplace.

Successful companies accomplish this by effectively branding themselves, their product offerings, and then live and breathe it daily.

Branding is taking ownership of your identity through the use of symbols, marks, logos, name, word, color, sentence or a combination of these and protecting it through whatever means necessary.  The end goal of branding is a positive reception in a target market, or simply, building equity with the consumers through your efforts which leads to a continued purchase of your message, good, or service.

A logo is the graphical symbol, marks, and name used for easy and definite recognition.

Some basic (101) things to consider:
What are you selling?
Who are you wanting to sell to?
Where is your marketplace, and what is your current branding strategy?
What differentiates you, and your offerings from your competition?
Is your message what you are wanting to communicate?

Bottom Line
To be successful, you will spend lots of time and money to make the customer familiar of you and your product offering.  Why not strategically develop, uniform and protect the repeatable elements that make you successful? 

marComm101's team can assist you in identifying who you are, building brand equity, strategically positioning yourself, and communicating that message, while protecting one of your greatest corporate assets...your identity.