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Another way to set yourself apart from the competition is the use of interactive technologies and multimedia presentation such as websites, DVD production, and creative CD-ROM demos, brochures, and electronic catalogs.  This video was a lead-in for a sales conference session on creativity and unlocking your creative edge.

Website Information
Taking your company online can be a very profitable endeavor, especially when you consider the number of people that get to view it, at little or no cost to you.  It is currently one of the best marketing dollars spent by any company.

However, once you are amongst all of the others on the internet, including your competition, how will you separate yourself, create that memorable experience, and drive repeat visits?  Let design, host, and maintain your internet presence.

Or, suppose you already have a website, but want to improve it, freshen it up, sell products through it, or make it more user friendly, we can take your website to new heights, depending on your budget, and your goals.  Contact us for a free quote on your website needs

CD-ROM, and DVD Production also has experience in generating DVD's and multimedia CD's designed for professional presentations.  These mediums allow for you to quickly and creatively distribute electronic catalogs, product demonstrations, presentations, or any other information you wish to pass along.

Some basic (101) things to consider:
Is the product you're selling something that will change periodically?
How often will the information change (daily, weekly, monthly, semi annual)?
Would your customers benefit from the most up to date information?
Where is your line between effectiveness and overkill?
How much extra value can multimedia add to your company?

Bottom Line
Print media is non-flexible if price/product/promotion/place are always changing.  Interactive and multimedia options are very flexible and can save you money.

marComm101 can take boring PowerPoint presentations and spice them up, as well as creating you an interactive home on the world wide web where customers can learn more about your company.