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You want to talk.  We'll listen. 
You have needs.  We'll have answers.
You want a partner you can trust.  It would be our pleasure.
Usually, you learn something when you listen to what someone has to say.  With so many different technologies, readily available and highly opinionated people, and no one fully listening to your needs, we find it best to completely listen, then speak with action, and delivery on time, and within budget.

Whether you require computer consulting, technology/gadget consulting, sales coaching, business practice advice, or just want to bounce one of those, "hey what if we..." ideas off us, we are willing to listen.

We have been able to help companies save money while meeting their objectives simply by listening to their needs, and we find that when we do speak, our words become more valuable to the companies we serve.

Some basic (101) things to consider:
What needs do you have throughout your company?
Can we help you with computer/technology, sales, or general business issues?
How do you currently solve problems?
What are your current consulting resources like?
Do they fully listen and respond to your needs?

Bottom Line
We are all ears, and when we speak, you can be guaranteed, we will meet, then exceed your needs.

With experience in sales, marketing, communications, technology, graphics, database, and other business specialties, marComm101 can assist you in solving pesky little issues that keep you from running efficiently, thus maximizing profit.